Your Donation Can Help Homes 4 Families Receive Up To $100,000

Freedom Financial Funds is dedicated to supporting Homes 4 Families, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of veterans and their families by providing permanent ownership housing.

Homes 4 Families recently announced a $100,000 Grant Challenge to help fund ongoing and future projects. Each dollar you give will be matched beginning July 19th at 9:00 AM. Please donate at the following link:  

Why Donate to Homes 4 Families
This is a great opportunity for you to join forces with an organization dedicated to a worthy cause. Your donation is especially critical for two reasons:

1. Construction materials continue to become more expensive. For low-income veteran families to afford their homes, Homes 4 Families must raise more money to cover the increased cost of materials.

2. Homes 4 Families is completing the first phase of homes in their Palmdale Veteran Enriched Neighborhood® and Six families have already moved in.  Funds are needed to complete the next ten homes as pre-qualified families are ready to move in.

About Homes 4 Families
Homes 4 Families provides veterans and their families with comprehensive wraparound services that include financial education, therapeutic trauma-informed workshops, services for military children, and veteran-to-veteran support. The non-profit works closely with the California Department of Veterans Affairs and other partners to build permanent, thriving veteran communities. With over 10 years of research-backed experience and success, Homes 4 Families has made a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

The nonprofit spends 96-98% of spending on construction and social services, with only 2-4% of funds going towards administration and fundraising. Homes 4 Families has seen great success in the health and well-being of the families it supports:

– The average GPA of the children in both military communities is 3.25. More than one-third, or 35%, of adults are currently enrolled in college or a trade school since their selection.

– 98% of couples that moved in married are still married. Less than 1% of homes are facing foreclosure.

– There have been 0 teen pregnancies in our communities. Each individual has healthcare.

Message From Freedom Financial
We are grateful for the sacrifice of men and women who have served in the military so that the citizens of this country can stay free. We believe the very least we can do is honor their sacrifice by supporting their future post-military. We hope you will join us.