Working With Borrowers

Freedom Financial Funds, LLC (Freedom) offers a broad range of financing solutions to real estate professionals adding value to $2.5M to $10M projects located in the western United States. Build to Suit financing is offered nationally. Capital is available for major property types including, retail, office, medical office, industrial, residential (for-rent and for-sale) and self-storage. Short-term land loans are also considered if there is cash flow or Freedom is providing the improvement financing. Special purpose buildings or real estate that is an operating business are unlikely candidates for consideration by Freedom.

Because Freedom manages our Fund’s pooled capital as well as managed accounts for several other firms, we do not have “programs” per se. Instead, we customize financing to meet the Client’s objectives. Freedom provides senior debt, high leverage senior debt, and a single-source solution for debt and equity. Programmatic financing is also available. Our guiding principles for evaluating all financing requests are straightforward: Understand the business plan first, then custom tailor the financing to meet the plan. To do this, we evaluate:​

  • The People
  • The Credit
  • The Real Estate
  • The Business Plan
  • The Plan A exit and the Plan B exit

We conduct this evaluation quickly because the principals at Freedom have more than 100 years of combined relevant experience, and have structured and managed billions of dollars of financing. Pricing ranges from 6.99% to 10.99% and loan fees are in the 2% to 3% range, after consideration of the above factors as well as leverage, recourse and additional underwriting factors. However, pricing is just one element in the cost of financing, other important considerations when choosing Freedom are:

  • Decision-makers are directly accessible and understand your business.
  • Requests are handled quickly and efficiently – before and after the loan closing.
  • Freedom strives to be a valued advisor to your team.

In summary, financing is available with varying levels of leverage and recourse for value add situations, including extensive rehabs, repositioning, re-tenanting or ground-up construction. If the business plan makes sense in the context of the market and the Borrower’s experience, capability, and capacity, Freedom can quickly structure a custom-made financing solution.

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