Are We There Yet?

June 23, 2022

Article via Gavekal Research As young parents, my wife and I would bundle our four children into the car for a nine hour drive to my parents’ house in southern France. Mere minutes after starting on the road, at least one child would ask a question that the others would often repeat throughout the journey: “Are…

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Is Housing Ready For A Price Adjustment?

June 7, 2022

Homeowners may be feeling rather well off but fast price runups in the past have led to fairly painful decreases when market enthusiasm wanes. John Wake, a Phoenix based real estate analyst shared the information below (Find John on Substack HERE). Yikes!The U.S. Real Mortgage Payment Price is now higher than at the peak of the…

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Pension Funds Continue To Increase Real Estate Allocations

May 15, 2022

Pent-up demand to deploy capital during the pandemic has driven a surge in new investment activity, with record amounts of capital raised in 2021. Now, pension funds are striving to hit their target allocations to commercial real estate, as real estate is considered a diversifier against market volatility within institutional portfolios, a source of durable…

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Are Inflation And Increasing Mortgage Rates Dampening Demand As Disposable Income Erodes?

April 22, 2022

Faster inflation and strong U.S. economic growth are sending the 10-year U.S. Treasury rate up. The 10-year Treasury is now above 3 percent — the highest since 2018.  Historically, the 10-year yield is also as a proxy for mortgage rates.  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve raised its target federal funds rate by a half point in May…

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No-fault Eviction Ordinance Passed In San Diego — Increasing Investor Risk?

April 15, 2022

The California legislature passed a statewide eviction moratorium extension on March 31, 2022 for certain tenants who have applied for rental assistance on or before that date. The moratorium is set to expire on June 30th.  In late April, the San Diego City Council followed suit when it voted to enact an eviction moratorium that…

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Freedom Financial Ceo Is Featured Guest On The Capital Playbook Podcast

March 17, 2022

During the recent Mortgage Bankers Association’s CREF22: Commercial/Multifamily Real Estate Finance Convention & Expo in San Diego, California, Freedom Financial Funds CEO Michael Klein sat down for a discussion with Charles Williams, founder and CEO of Pioneer Realty Capital and host of financial podcast The Capital Playbook.  Klein shared a glimpse of his professional journey,…

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Affordable Housing – Is There A Renewed Role For Ownership Housing?

March 1, 2022

LAI International, through its global initiative, is engaging members in a series of webinars on affordable housing. ​ Opening the series on 2021-12-03 was a webinar featuring Howard Husock, New York chapter member and author of a recent book ‘The Poor Side of Town, and why we need it’, in conversation with Phoenix member, and…

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Fortify Holdings Creates Affordable Housing For Displaced Oregon Families

February 28, 2022

Following the devastating Almeda Fire that swept through the Rogue Valley on the morning of September 8, 2020, developer Fortify Holdings partnered with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS), Rogue Community Health and ACCESS to create affordable housing for displaced families. While the ODHS provided short-term shelter to survivors after the fires, long-term solutions…

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Michael Klein, Ceo Of Freedom Speaks On Dailyalts Strategic Investor Podcast

February 15, 2022

Michael Klein, CEO of Freedom Financial Funds, explains how they provide debt and equity funding for Real Estate funding.  Raising capital from investors, FFF provides First Trust Deed loans for 12-18 months for bridge, build to suit, construction projects by Real Estate professionals.  In a world of low yield, any investor looking for cash flow…

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Freedom Financial Funds’ Year End Results Point To A Bright 2022

February 11, 2022

The close of 2021 signaled the completion of 12 years without a single loss for the leaders of Freedom Financial Funds, LLC. The firm’s investor yield for 2021 was 7.93%, with no problem loans in its portfolio. According to Freedom Financial Funds Principal and CEO Michael Klein, as a unleveraged REIT Freedom’s tax equivalent yield to…

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