Freedom Financial Funds Approves 15th Loan for Client

November 11, 2022

A financially strong and experienced apartment developer came to Freedom Financial Funds, LLC for a construction completion loan. He was seeking an alternative because his relationship bank’s protracted draw-funding process was prolonging his construction timeline.  While Freedom’s stated interest rate is higher than the bank’s, the client calculated that by getting his funding in five…

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Freedom Financial Funds, LLC Lands New Client With $9M Construction Loan in West Richland, WA

October 27, 2022

When an experienced developer saw signs of service instability in his relationship lender, a friend referred him to Eric Shoemaker at Freedom Financial Funds, LLC. Shoemaker immediately determined that the developer had a strong track record and was a good candidate for Freedom financing. Further, due to his knowledge of the Pacific Northwest, Shoemaker knew…

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Questions and Comments for Real Estate Investors to Ponder

October 26, 2022

Freedom has questions, and we want answers from you! If you’re a real estate investor, we’d love your thoughts on the below. Please send responses to for an opportunity to be published in our follow-up piece.  How housing short is the nation and individual markets?   Many pundits have been saying the United States is housing short…

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Freedom Financial Funds, LLC Closes Eighth Loan With Client

October 25, 2022

When a well-established and strong retail developer needed funding for a commercial construction project, it came back to Freedom Financial Funds, LLC. The relationship began three-and-a-half years ago, and this is the eighth loan Freedom has funded for the client. The current $5,500,000 loan will finance the construction of an Aspen Dental office, a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin…

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Freedom Financial Funds Introduces New Website

October 19, 2022

Freedom Financial Funds, LLC, is inviting visitors to explore its newly redesigned website. A sleeker look and more user-centric interface allow users to learn about the company and locate valuable information with fewer clicks. With improved functionality engineered by results-driven digital marketing agency Big Chief Creative Media, the goal was to create a more responsive…

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Freedom Loans $5M For Hotel Project In Ellensburg, Washington

October 13, 2022

Freedom Financial Funds, LLC made a $5,050,000 loan to finance the conversion of a defunct hotel into market-rate affordable apartments in Ellensburg, Washington. This is the third loan that originated within the first 18 months of starting our relationship with the Pacific Northwest-based client. Eric Shoemaker manages the relationship and structured this loan. The loan…

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Minda Johnstone Joined Featured Tour Of The Campus at Horton, Formerly Horton Plaza While At ICSC@Western

October 7, 2022

While attending ICSC@Western, Minda Johnstone joined the featured tour of The Campus at Horton, formerly Horton Plaza.  This 37-year-old mall in the heart of downtown San Diego is being entirely renovated by Stockdale Capital Partners.  When completed, the development will offer 300,000 sf of retail space; 700,000 sf of office space, expected to appeal to…

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Freedom Financial Funds CEO Michael Klein is Going Over the Edge for Veterans

August 30, 2022

Michael Klein, CEO of Freedom Financial Funds, LLC,  serves on the board of directors for nonprofit Homes 4 Families, where he contributes his financial knowledge in furtherance of the organization’s mission of building affordable housing, helping low-income veterans achieve home ownership, and supporting communities for veterans and their families.  Klein said, “When I was asked…

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What’s Constraining CRE Lenders?

August 29, 2022

Comments from Freedom: The author makes very good points but does not consider unleveraged debt funds such as Freedom Financial Funds, LLC (“Freedom”).  Freedom does not depend on public markets or banks to fund our borrower’s loans. Instead we use our equity capital to do so.  This makes Freedom able to decide independently of market…

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Freedom Financial Funds Closes Ninth Loan Transaction With Client

August 23, 2022

Freedom Financial Funds, LLC (Freedom) recently closed a $4,680,000 construction loan that will provide 88% of cost financing to construct a build-to-suit project leased to 7-Eleven in Bakersfield, California. The client, a seasoned developer who is highly bankable, chose Freedom for the ninth time because he knows from experience that Freedom executes quickly and efficiently.…

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