Is Housing Ready For A Price Adjustment?

Homeowners may be feeling rather well off but fast price runups in the past have led to fairly painful decreases when market enthusiasm wanes. John Wake, a Phoenix based real estate analyst shared the information below (Find John on Substack HERE).

The U.S. Real Mortgage Payment Price is now higher than at the peak of the S&L boom and is close to the peak of 2000s boom.

And this data is only through March! House prices and mortgage interest rates are higher now than in March. The April number for the U.S. may match the 2006 peak for this measure of house unaffordability.

For San Francisco and Seattle, prices are already higher than the 2006 peak for this metric.

U.S. House Prices Up More in Last 12 Months than Any Year in Last 35 Years.

And house prices have increased more in the last 12 months than in any other 12-month period in the Case-Shiller data series for these 6 metros;

  • Dallas (since 2000)
  • Atlanta (since 1991)
  • Seattle (since 1990)
  • Tampa (since 1987)
  • Denver (since 1987)
  • Charlotte (since 1987)