Freedom Financial Funds — Professionals Working With Professionals

The days of relying upon a single source for all your capital needs are past. Today, it is vital to have a trusted advisor dedicated to providing capital from its own account. 

Freedom Financial Funds’ distinguished founders, Michael Klein, Stanley Kafka, Minda Johnstone and Yan Lam, share decades of experience in supplying capital for the acquisition, development and management of real estate, and they are sought after across the industry for their expertise in managing their alternative investment fund. Michael Klein and Stanley Kafka are coauthors of “How to Make Sensible Investments in a Senseless Economy,” a treatise for real-world investors on how to decrease risk in any economy and market.

With its own discretionary funds, Freedom does not rely upon warehouse lenders or varied partners to fund loans. Instead, Freedom has a ready supply of capital for projects spanning construction, rehabilitation, repositioning, conversion or additions to commercial and residential properties in the Western United States. Freedom also offers build-to-suit financing nationally.

In only five years, Freedom has executed nearly $500M in transactions and has remained steadfast throughout the CV-19 crisis. Freedom exerts influence in markets throughout the Western U.S. from its locations in California, Arizona and Oregon.

Freedom seeks relationships with purposeful decision makers who understand the complexities of their business and demonstrate a track record of success. The firm’s clients are professional real estate investors and developers who are creating value in projects totaling $2M to $12.5M.

The fact that more than 80% of Freedom’s transactions come from repeat borrowers — all of whom have bank options available — is a testament to the firm’s ability to deliver consistent and reliable debt and equity capital via a process that is both streamlined and predictable.

Freedom is committed to giving its clients the freedom to monetize real estate opportunities. We understand that a project’s success is contingent upon more than just interest rates. If you are seeking a trusted finance partner with proven experience, choose the one that will accept nothing less than exceptional outcomes — Freedom Financial Funds.