Freedom Financial Funds Closes $6.5 Million Build-to-Suit and Development Loan in Folsom, CA

Freedom Financial Funds, a private debt firm, recently closed a $6.5 million build-to-suit and development loan in Folsom, CA. The loan was brought to Freedom Financial by Michael Kaplan, President of Slatt Capital, on behalf of his client who needed a lender that could execute quickly and understand the business plan that included a ground lease to Circle K, a sale of a pad to a medical user, and the construction of infrastructure that would carry into future phases.

One of the key reasons the client gained confidence in executing with Freedom Financial was the fact that he would be dealing with an owner and principal from introduction to closing and then throughout the servicing phase. Freedom has no employees, so borrowers deal with a decision maker through the entire life of a loan.

Another factor that played into the decision was the fact that Freedom Financial is an unleveraged fund and is not dependent on a warehouse line to fund its loans. This has become especially important in recent months as the banking system has shown signs of significant stress and credit tightening.

“We are thrilled to have closed this loan for our client,” said Michael Klein, Founder and CEO for Freedom Financial Funds, “Our ability to execute quickly and provide personalized service to our borrowers sets us apart from other lenders in the market.”

About Freedom Financial Funds:

Freedom Financial Funds is capital solved. As an unleveraged and fully discretionary fund, Freedom Financial offers real estate loans ranging from $2 million to $15 million for most property types across the Western United States.

Freedom Financial does not have “programs;” instead they customize each loan to meet the client’s individual goals and objectives. All underwriting is internal, without the need for appraisals, and every loan is managed directly by a principal of the fund.

Freedom Financial evaluates the people, the credit, and the real estate (in that order) behind each opportunity. More than 80% of percent of their annual production is repeat business with long-term relationships that value this approach.