Freedom Financial Funds Ceo Michael Klein And Principal Stanley Kafka Release New Book — How To Make Sensible Investments In A Senseless Economy

In response to COVID-19, one of the most startling and unpredictable events in living memory, investors and financial advisors alike are grappling with new questions about how to evaluate investment opportunities and mitigate risk while maximizing return on investment. 

In their newly released book, How to Make Sensible Investments in a Senseless Economy: Six Proven Steps to Prevent Financial Disaster, coauthors Michael Klein, CEO, Freedom Financial Funds, LLC and Stanley Kafka, Principal, Freedom Financial Funds, LLC, share their perspectives about alternative investments acquired over decades in the financial sector. 

For many, the term “alternative investments” conjures thoughts of uncertain ventures like high-risk startups and penny stocks. However, Klein and Kafka present a system of six fundamental and common-sense questions investors can use to decrease risk on any investment — regardless of the economy or market. From valuing people as the cornerstone of every deal to formulating alternative payment plans when things go wrong, the authors offer real-world examples to demonstrate the efficacy of their system, one that continues to yield extraordinary results year over year.  

Klein commented on his inspiration for writing How to Make Sensible Investments in a Senseless Economy: “When I started my career, many large employers had formal training programs. Today, that is not the case, so everyone that invests learns in a rather informal and sometimes haphazard way. I found that the methods I learned decades ago apply today and work across every investment type I have been involved in, and that ranges from real estate lending (what I do now), to investing in companies, projects such as power plants, or any other example one can dream up.”

Brendan Hotchkiss, founder and CEO of online commercial real estate marketplace, said: “I thought I would read a chapter or two as a teaser today; I ended up reading the whole book. … I think this book is not only of interest to investors, but borrowers/developers and capital brokers.”

About Author Michael Klein
Klein began his career as an executive with Union Bank in Los Angeles. Over the past 35 years, he has worked for Chase Manhattan, Wachovia and China Trust Bank. He co-founded and was COO of Partners Capital Solutions, a private lender before taking the helm as CEO of Freedom Financial Funds, LLC, the manager of the Freedom REIT.

About Author Stanley Kafka
Kafka has 50 years of experience in the banking industry. Prior to joining Freedom Financial Funds, he was a Managing Director at Partners Capital Solutions, an Executive Vice President, and Division Manager at City National Bank’s Real Estate Group for 16 years. He worked for 25 years at Union Bank in real estate loan administration, underwriting over $10 billion of development financing.

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